-Alexa Barres did summer research in the Crans group – and she presented her project at the ACS meeting 2013 ( “Guanylurea metformium double salt of decavanadate, (HGU+)4(HMet+)2(V10O286-)·2H2O,” Aungkana Chatkon, Alexa Barres, Nuttaporn Samart, Sarah Boyle, Kenneth J. Haller and Debbie C. Crans,  Inorg. Chem. Acta.,2014, 420, 85-91.).  She is seen with Debbie Crans and the undergraduate advisor from the  University of Michigan Flint Campus Jessica Tischler.   Currently  Alexa is in graduate school at the University of Wisconsin.


-Post-doc from the lab, Tapan Kumar Saha, received the Bangladesh University Grants Commission Award 2013 in Physical Science Section awarded by the honorable president of the People’s Republic Government of Bangladesh.



-Sebera Debeer with Debbie Crans at ICBIC17 in Beijing where Serena receipted her SBIC young investigator award.



-Professor Wenjun Ding (former PD in Crans group) and his two students Fang Liu and Ying Huang with Debbie Crans at ICBIC17 in Beijing.